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Aluminum Containers

SANITAS aluminum containers are versatile aluminum single-use pans that save you all the washing up after baking and save energy as they require less baking time than oven-proof pans. They can be placed from the oven straight into the freezer.

Available in 15 different shapes and sizes which meet all household needs.

For cakes and pastries:
• Small round cup for muffins or soufflés (S1) -10 items
• Rectangular for cakes (S3)- 6 items
• Large round pan for single portions of pastry or food (S11) - 6 items
• Large round pan, ideal for syrup soaked pastries (S29)- 3 items
Bake and carry:
• Medium-size, rectangular pan with lid (S14) - 4 items
• Large-size, rectangular pan with lid (S19A) -3 items

Bake and special uses:
• Small-size, rectangular pan (S15) - 6 items
• Medium-size, rectangular pan (S17) -3 items
• Large-size, rectangular pan (S20) -3 items
• Giant, rectangular pan (S32) -2 items
• Round pan with plastic lid, ideal for carrying salads and food to work (S7A) - 3 items
• Round and shallow, ideal for pizzas (S52)- 6 items
• Large, oval-shaped and deep, ideal for soufflés (S36)- 2 items
• Round, for small, everyday delights (S6) - 6 items
• Rectangular tray, ideal for grilling - 3 items