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Saving time

Tips for those of you who work hard, at home or at work, and need clever ways to save time.

Problem: When preparing a dinner party and making several dishes at the same time, lots of pots and pans are piled up and cannot fit in the dishwasher. How can I handle this to save me time and trouble?

Solution: Line the bottom of trays with Non-stick Paper or Aluminium Foil SANITAS to keep them clean, or use special single-use, Aluminium or Paper Baking Containers SANITAS.

Problem: Due to work, I cook in the evening to serve on the next day.  So, I keep food in the fridge overnight, and the next day we heat it up in the microwave oven. How can I do this without switching from one container to the other between different stages (cooking, fridge, heating up)?

Solution: Use the NEW SANITAS Green Line Paper Baking Containers which are suitable for all purposes (standard oven, microwave oven, fridge and freezer) and for contact with all foods (greasy, acidic, salty, etc). You can bake, refrigerate or freeze, and heat up in the microwave oven using the same container. Just make sure it is not used when the grill function is on

Problem: How can I speed up baking and ensure proper and safe cooking at the same time?

Solution:The SANITAS Baking Bags, Non-stick Paper and Non-stick Aluminium Foil facilitate fast cooking, as they evenly distribute heat over the food. The Non-stick Foil SANITASor paper product should be shaped into an envelope or parcel, ideally tied up using string. Add vegetables, meat, fish or potatoes, and have a well-cooked juicy meal that does not dry up or stick.