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Green Line Paper Baking Containers (NEW)

We have invested in the Sanitas Green Line, and you have rewarded us by choosing our products! The Green Line range takes another step and welcomes the new, paper baking containers. They are the only containers whose material allows you to put them directly from the oven into the fridge, or from the freezer into the microwave oven. This saves you time and trouble of using a different container each time, and, of course, saves you the washing up. In addition to their versatility, they are friendlier to the environment compared to conventional plastic containers, because the raw material is paper, one of the most renewable natural resources.

Available in 3 sizes to meet all needs:

• Small-size rectangular, 1 portion, 0.9 lt, - 3 items with lid
• Medium-size rectangular, 2 portions, 1.5 lt - 3 items with lid
• Large-size rectangular, 4 portions, 3.4 lt -2 items with lid