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After your pleasant cooking experience always comes the time to clean, something you should never neglect if you want peace of mind. 

Worktops, utensils and containers

• As you did during preparation, carefully wash everything that has come in contact with food.  

• Particularly as regards containers, worktops and other utensils which came in contact with raw meat, poultry or fish, thorough washing is required in hot soap water.

• The dishwasher is a very effective way to clean, as the very high washing temperatures eliminate bacteria.

 • However, you should ideally have different cutting boards for raw meat, poultry or fish, and for foods ready to be consumed (bread, cheese, fruit, vegetables, etc).

Sponges and cloths

• You should not forget that washing up accessories (sponges, cloths, etc) can also concentrate bacteria, so it is necessary to drain them and replace them regularly. You can also disinfect them by putting them damp in the microwave oven for 15-30’’ or leaving them in boiling water for 10 minutes.

• Here again, it is a good idea to keep separate sponges or cloths for each purpose (oven, kitchen table, worktop, etc).

 • The use of kitchen roll to dry surfaces and containers is a good solution, since paper is single-use, thus preventing the development of bacteria. 

Oven and Fridge

• To avoid the use of aggressive chemicals, try to clean the oven while still warm, when spills are soft. Use a cloth, liquid soap and water. Vinegar and salt are very effective natural cleaners.

 • The requirements for the fridge are usually lower, so a simple wipe with a disinfected cloth soaked in tepid water and vinegar is usually enough. If stains persist, use soap, as long as you rinse well and dry carefully. Particular importance should be given to the fridge handle, as it comes into contact with our hands several times a day. You can use SANITAS Antibacterial spray to eliminate any microorganisms. Also, to avoid any unpleasant smells inside the fridge, you can also use the special fridge fragrancer, a 100% natural and safe product. 

Personal hygiene

• Follow the same procedure as at the preparation stage• Follow the same procedure as at the preparation stage