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And now we cook!

A large number of food poisoning incidents are due to poorly cooked food. The high temperature developed when cooking is your best ally in eliminating harmful bacteria. So, use as appropriate:

Make sure the food is evenly hot

• Cook at the right temperature and regularly check different parts of the food to make sure it is evenly cooked lengthways, sideways and through to the centre. Don’t forget that the special baking bags help achieve even and deep baking.

• The recommended temperature that the food should have in its centre is about 70°C for at least 2 minutes. A special, clean and sanitised food thermometer can help us accurately check temperatures.

Alternatively, use the following baking checklist:

• The food must give off hot steam;

• When it comes to fish, the flesh must be easily separated from the bone.

• When it comes to eggs, the yolk must be firm and the white must be thick.

• When it comes to meat, its juices must be transparent and not pink.

 • In particular, the flesh of beef and poultry must be white, not red or pink.

Heating up food

•  When heating up food, make sure it is well and evenly heated up, and that it is not just lukewarm.

 • Never reheat food more than once.

Table of safe cooking temperatures