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Quality certification

Our company, GR. SARANTIS SA, has been certified by ELOT under ISO 9000 since 1995. Having adopted advanced methods of organisation and production from an early stage, this certification comes as a reward for the way our company operates. Our certification under ISO 9001:2008 places us among the members of a global family, which meet the requirements of this quality management standard.

But what does ISO 9000 mean? It is a family of standards used globally, in order to ensure steady product quality over time. Essentially, they set out the requirements that the quality management systems of certified companies must meet, so as to avoid variations in important indicators.

Quality management system reassessment audits take place every three years, while in the meantime system supervision audits are held once a year.

The principles on which our quality management system is based are:
• Focus on consumers and how to meet their needs.
• The quality management system performance must be measurable.
• Our main objective is to constantly improve our quality management system.
• Our company’s management commits to maintain and continuously improve the quality management system.