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Equipment- Specifications

Particular emphasis has been placed on the modernisation and automation of the mechanical equipment used in the production process, so that human intervention is limited to minimum, if at all, during the production process.

Moreover, particular importance has been placed on the conditions of hygiene in areas of production and storage, so as to eliminate any possibility of product contamination from microbiological, natural and chemical agents.

The specifications of our products are determined using strict criteria which result from three core principles:

• We create products based on laboratory tests, suitability certificates and the European legislative framework, ensuring they are suitable and safe for contact with foodstuff.
• We create products based on extensive internal and consumer panel tests, to ensure practicality and effectiveness.
• We create products which meet the actual consumer needs. Following continuous research for new products or methods to improve existing ones, we can say that we have a better understanding of the Greek household than any other company.