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After 45 years of presence, our company has been awarded several distinctions by various organisations and institutions, in recognition of our value, at all levels: 

• Superbrand 2006 & 2008

In 2006 and 2008 we won the Superbrand 2006 & Superbrand 2008 nomination, a distinction that places us among the top brands in the market. Superbrands are nominated following an evaluation of a volunteer Judging Committee and public opinion research, using the following criteria:  

• Recognisability and brand power

• Quality

• Long-term consistence and background

• Social responsibility

• Βest launch 2009

In 2009, the SANITAS Green Line range of degradable garbage bags was awarded the best launch of the year at the 9th sales conference organised by Business Review journal. 

• Ermis Awards 2009

At the annual advertising and communication awards, Ermis 2009, “Sparrow”, our latest TV advertisement won the following awards:

•Ermis Production Award and

•Ermis Silver, in the “Corporate Communication” category

•Self Service Excellence Awards 2013

Introduction to New Market (SANITAS CLEANING– household cleaning tools)

These distinctions make us proud of our progress so far, but also create a sense of responsibility to our consumers. For us, the greatest prize of all has been consumer preference.